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Acoustical Engineering
Vibration Engineering
Testing Services
Finite Element Analysis
Custom Programming
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Acoustical Engineering
Do you need help in designing a building or factory to meet  local noise ordinances, including  potential noise problems with  emergency generators, central plant and cooling towers?
Your students have problems hearing the speaker in the auditorium.
Your employees are complaining about the lack of acoustical privacy in their offices and you want to do something about it.
Are you looking for the state-of-the-art acoustic performance in your recording studios or night clubs?
FHA specializes in the acoustic design of Recording Studios, Broadcast Facilities, Critical Listening Rooms, Performance Spaces, Churches, Night Clubs, and Auditoriums.   We can help you with the design of buildings to perform according to the specified acoustic requirements.

Vibration Engineering
Do you need help with the vibration isolation of your equipment?
Do you need a pedestal to support a vibration sensitive equipment?
Do you need help in designing the next generation fabs for the semiconductor industry?
FHA specializes in vibration control of mechanical equipment, site selection and facility layout for the design of high tech facilities, and consulting services

Your employees cannot concentrate on their work because your working environment is too noisy.
You cannot meet your company's deadline because your tool is not performing due to some unknown vibration source.
Your neighbor is complaining about the noise your company's machine is making.
You need to make sure you are in compliance with the vibration specifications of the sensitive optical equipment you are going to install.
Your mechanical equipment is transmitting too much vibration and you wonder whether it has to do with the balance of the equipment or something else.
FHA uses specially developed computer programs and maintains a laboratory equipped with a full complement of Brel & Kjr Instrumentation.  From building vibration due to footfall to environmental noise to mechanical system vibration to EMI testing, we can help you solve your problems.

Finite Element Analysis
Do you need help with your engineering design and analysis?
Do you have problems learning or using your existing finite element analysis program?
Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is a proven technology that can be used to optimize your design and predict its performance, without the cost of building and testing a prototype.   For more than 20 years, FEA has played a very important role in the areas of structural analysis, thermal analysis, fluid mechanics analysis, electromagnetic analysis, acoustic analysis, etc.
We can help your current FEA efforts in any or all of the following areas:
finite element modeling, defining loads and boundary conditions, performing the analysis, and assessing the results.

Custom Programming

Do you need a specialized or custom-made program to perform a particular task?
With over 30 years of programming experience, we can help.

PC Consulting

Our Information Services  people offer on-site PC Consulting services to our clients.

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