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Custom Programming
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We provide custom programming services for the engineering and PC industries.

Key Benefits

Save you time and money
No need to hire, train, and maintain a permanent staff
Over 30 years of experience


Code Development
Over 12 years experience of finite element code development for a commercial FEA program.
Knowledge of Multiple Languages
Experience with the use of Visual Basic, Visual C++, and FORTRAN for the Windows and DOS environments.
Custom Programs
We specialize in the development of custom programs in the areas of testing, project management, database and acoustics.

Reference Projects

The following is a small sample of the custom programming projects we have performed within the past few years.

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Performance of Steel Floor

A spreadsheet program was written which predicts accurately the performance of composite steel floor due to footfall induced vibration.

Vibration Isolation for Mechanical Equipment

A spreadsheet program was written to calculate the required isolation of different mechanical equipment to meet the design criteria of a factory floor.

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Database for Project Document Management

A database program was written for the tracking of enormous amount of data for a fast-pace construction project.

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