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Finite Element Analysis
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FEA Training

We address the entire spectrum of Finite Element Analysis (FEA), from model development to analysis to results interpretation and presentation.

Key Benefits

Save you time and money
No need to hire, train, and maintain a permanent staff
Over 25 years of finite element analysis experience


Code Development
Over 12 years experience of finite element code development for a commercial FEA program.
Knowledge of Commercial FEA Programs
Experience with the use of major commercial FEA programs.
Linear & Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis
Over 17 years experience performing linear and nonlinear finite element analysis with major commercial FEA programs.

Reference Projects

The following is a small sample of the finite element analysis projects we have performed within the past few years.

Multi-Story Semiconductor Cleanroom FAB

With the use of FEA and empirical data, we designed a multi-story semiconductor facility that meets the 125 -in/sec design criteria.

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Animation of the fundamental horizontal mode of the FAB.

Pedestal Support for Vibration-Sensitive Equipment

FEA was used successfully to design a steel pedestal that replaces an existing one which fails the stringent criteria of a vibration-sensitive tool.

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Effect of Train Vibration

FEA was used to calculate the response of an existing FAB due to train vibration with results that match measured data.

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